What Is Live-In Care?


The goal of live-in care service is to provide safe and independent daily life in the elders' own home environment. In their own local community, they feel the mental peace that they need. 

A carer ensures that the elders can sustain their life in a happy place with their pets and friends. We encourage them to execute gardening and fishing near the house. They can have more than the facility of a nursing home while staying in their own home.

ENN Healthcare provides expertly trained carers who can accomplish the elders' daily tasks, ensure nutrition, and provide companionship. The lifestyle that we encourage is full of physical and mental activities that can cheer them up. Even people suffering from mental disorders feel themselves again with our care. 

We are available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anytime you need a carer, just call us. Our carers are always available to travel to your home during any emergency.

In case of a long-term carer, one of our experts will travel to your house. He will assess the social status and the mental condition of the patient is in. Based on the assessment, you will get the best suitable carer for the elder. You can even have a video call meeting with the carer before he travels to your house.

Our live-in carers will provide services to your elders. The working time for the carers is 56 hours a week. Apart from that, if you need any additional support even at late night, he will be there to serve. He will be entitled to 14 hours a week break. The break helps them to be efficient at their work during work time.

The price we set is very competitive in the market. You can even take any funding that the government is providing for you to be able to afford a caretaker. 



a tidy kitchen and living area for supported living



Our support plans address emotional, physical, and mental challenges to enable our young clients to integrate them into the community without prejudice or stigma. Using a holistic approach enables us to inform positive behaviours and attitudes that have made life difficult for them.



Our Key Services



Live-in Care in Dorset

To ensure the best 24-hour live-in care in Dorset, one of our experts will visit your house to assess your support. Based on this report, we will send the best live-in care to Dorset citizens.

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Live-in Care in Twickenham

Days of lack of proper live-in carer in Twickenham are over. ENN Healthcare is now available in Twickenham to provide 24-hour live-in care service in Twickenham. Our experts act on your necessity to ensure the best home care service.

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Supported Living in Nuneaton
and surrounding areas

ENN Healthcare is now available to provide its supported living service in Midlands We provide safe, well-staffed support for children aged 16 to 18.

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So caring and always goes the extra mile. the manager is very experienced and very knowledgeable. She is a very kind and caring person. Good interpersonal skills, competent, and always professional. Always puts clients/ service users first. Good communication skills, always give patient center care. You can be confident that your loved ones will be well looked after, supported, and will receive high standards of care. I recommend Enn Healthcare for all care needs.



It is a pleasure to work with Elaine and her team. Directions and support were clear and makes my work enjoyable. I would recommend her as an employer.




We are proud of our reputation

We are always trying to improve our services based on the feedback that our clients provide. Their reviews show that our service is well equipped to meet their needs. We provide effective training which made us the industry standard. 

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