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Live in care in Dorset




Expert live-in care service provider, ENN Healthcare is now at your place to provide live in care in Dorset. We believe in giving one-to-one aid.

To ensure the best 24-hour live-in care in Dorset, one of our experts will visit your house to assess your support. Based on this report, we will send the best live-in care to Dorset citizens. Our live-in carers are well trained. They can help you with household work, medical support, visiting outdoors, etc.

Through our live in care Dorset service, we will take responsibility for your loved ones staying at home as independently as possible. When you choose ENN Healthcare to provide live-in care service, we ensure that the best person is suitable for your loved ones. To know more in detail, contact us today on 03330507337

We are also creating opportunities for people to provide live-in care jobs in Dorset. If you are looking for private live-in care jobs in Dorset, contact us today.




What's Included In Live-In Care?



Personal care

We will provide you with the best domiciliary care Dorset service that you need to be with you in your own home to meet your specific needs.




As people get older, they require more and more support, which can be impossible for a family alone to provide. A live-in care Dorchester Dorset UK can provide companionship and friendship for those feeling lonely.



Household chores

Among the different dimensions Dorset domiciliary care provides services, our caregivers are well trained in helping with household chores like dishwashing, washing, cleaning, cooking, etc.




Going out and about

Days of living in fear of going out are over. Our expert caregivers assist and motivate the clients to go out.



Dietary needs

Our medical expert caregivers are second to none in ensuring the nutrients and physical exercises essential for a person.



Complex care

Our medical expert caregivers are second to none in ensuring the nutrients and physical exercises essential for a person.








Features of our services

Our expert inspector assesses all the conditions that your patient is in currently. Based on that, we provide a caregiver. He can support the elder by providing the emotional and mental support they need.

Our hands-on experience dealing with people suffering from loneliness or Alzheimer's living in a care Poole Dorset will help them feel themselves again while staying home.





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Why choose to have 24-hour care from Helping Hands?


We Understand How You Are Feeling

We take your point. We understand what you are saying. We serve as you need.

Live in care agency in Dorset and Croydon

Your Care Centers Around You


We do not provide services that our caregiver is familiar with. We assist and understand what you need and provide services likewise.

Live in care agency in Dorset and Croydon

To Us, You Are Family


We do not only consider you as a client. You are more than that. You are family to us.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is living in care Dorset?

Expert live-in care providers with excessive training will be providing service to you as a part of our live-in care Dorset service. They are experts in helping elders with household chores like washing, cleaning, cooking, etc. Along with these, helping you with a diet plan, physical exercises, and curing loneliness.

How much does live-in care Dorset cost?

Our live-in care Dorset service is set in a very competitive range. Yet, there is no exact amount to what the cost will be. The cost will be set once our expert visits your house and assets the cost. The price range can start as low as 21$.

What needs to be provided for a live-in carer?

A live-in carer service gets better if he can feel at home in your place. To achieve that, he needs to have access to a comfortable bed. In addition to that, he needs a wardrobe and a cabinet or drawers where he can put stuff like clothes and private things. You can provide him with other equipment like a TV set so that he feels comfortable and enjoy his staying.

Do live-in carers pay for their own food?

Usually, it is the responsibility of the live-in carer himself. However, you can take responsibility and share the food of your family with him. In some cases, the caregiver puts it in the agreement that the client will take responsibility for it. Study shows, that caregivers prefer to get the money for food and buy it themselves.

Do live-in carers have to pay rent?

Live-in carers do not have to pay any rent as long as they are providing service to you. During this time, it is the client’s responsibility to provide him with a room. It is part of the deal that the client will take care of the staying of the caregiver.





So caring and always goes the extra mile. the manager is very experienced and very knowledgeable. She is a very kind and caring person. Good interpersonal skills, competent, and always professional. Always puts clients/ service users first. Good communication skills, always give patient center care. You can be confident that your loved ones will be well looked after, supported, and will receive high standards of care. I recommend Enn Healthcare for all care needs.




It is a pleasure to work with Elaine and her team. Directions and support were clear and makes my work enjoyable. I would recommend her as an employer.




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