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ENN Healthcare is now available to provide their renowned live-in care service in Croydon. We provide expert solutions to your problem regarding care for your elderly loved ones. Our experts will find and provide the best live-in carer for your home.

We do not send just any caregiver to your home. We run their background check thoroughly and make sure they have the quality that your elder need. Based on your lifestyle and social status, extensive training is provided to our selected caregivers to suit your loved ones.

We are opening more job opportunities. We are always looking for interested and qualified candidates for live-in-care jobs in Croydon. Our hand-picked and trained caregivers will be available to provide live-in care services in croydon.



What's Included In Live-In Care?



Personal care

With ENN Healthcare, you will be able to get the best caregiver service that you need based on your requirements.




With time, children can get busy supporting the family economically. We are here to provide for them mentally and emotionally.



Household chores

Doing household chores alone after a certain age can become a burden. Our trained caregivers will turn this burden into a fun task.




Going out and about

We understand the panic of elderly people about going out. It is natural different obstacle arises. We help to overcome these obstacles on the day to day life.



Dietary needs

Dietary indicate nutrition and physical and emotional training that is required to keep a person fit. Our carers are trained to ensure the presence of these in your loved one's schedule.



Complex care

Major mental illnesses can make your loved ones a different person. He can be difficult to handle at times. We are experts in taking care of them the right way.




Features of our services

The condition and environment your patient is in is the most important aspect to study to ensure the best carer. Our expert will travel to your home and assess all these factors extensively. Based on his report, we will select the best carer for you whom you can meet through a video call.

The reviews of our clients are proof that our hand on experience is one of the best to serve your loved ones and keep them happy.





Why choose to have 24-hour care from Helping Hands?


We Understand How You Are Feeling

Imposing and ordering what to do can be a burden to the elders. We chose to agree instead of arguing. We respect their needs.


Live in care agency in Dorset and Croydon

Your Care Centres Around You

We do not set a list of tasks for our caregivers to follow blindly. Instead, our strategy is set to understand and serve the elder need.


Live in care agency in Dorset and Croydon

To Us, You Are Family

A family is what people need after a certain age. We try to fill that void by becoming a family.



Frequently Asked Question


Do live-in carers work nights?

A live-in carer technically does not have a time schedule for work. He must be there whenever the client needs him. Let it be late a night, if the elder needs the caregivers to support, the caregiver should be all out.

Are live-in carers entitled to breaks?

Yes. Live-in carers are humans working to support your elderly loved ones. They need to relax after a while. Considering these, they get 14 hours a week break from their work. It roughly rounds up to two hours a day. They can have more time a day if he can manage the 14 hours a week rule.

When did the live-in caregiver program end?

The live-in caregiver program was a government initiative to support people in need. They stopped their program in 2014. The reason behind it was the backlog of more than 25 thousand applications. However, they launched more programs after that which targeted fewer audiences each.

How many hours a day should a live-in carer work?

Any live-in carer has a fixed time for work. The time duration is set to fifty-six hours a week. It can roughly be estimated to be 8 hours per day. Maintaining this routine, he must get holidays and breaks to be efficient during the working time.

Does live-in care come at no cost?

The live-in care providers do receive an amount of money to run their agency. However, it can be free with all the funds that the government is offering. Applying and being selected to receiving those funds will contribute to you having a caregiving service without any cost.


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