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Days of lack of proper live-in carer in Twickenham are over. ENN Healthcare is now available in Twickenham to provide 24-hour live-in care service in Twickenham. Our experts act on your necessity to ensure the best home care service.

Unlike many other home care services, we send the best suitable caregiver for your loved ones. With a proper assessment of your physical and social needs by our experts, we will send the best caregiver available. If you or anyone in your family need a caregiver, call us on 03330507337.

We are providing jobs for people in need. We hire and train them to be a caregiver. Before sending them to a task, we train them extensively to be the proper choice for such a specific environment.


What's Included In Live-In Care?



Personal care

ENN Healthcare is known to provide the best live-in care service based on the specific needs and provided in your own home.




Job life makes it difficult for you to provide enough support to your elderly loved ones. We take care of it. We will ensure the support they need day in, day out.



Household chores

Household chores can become boring and difficult for elderly people. Our service includes doing those household chores for them.




Going out and about

For elderly people, going out and attending social functions can become a terror. We will encourage them to go out to have a walk and provide assistance.



Dietary needs

The nutrient consumption and movement of the body become essential for elder people. Our caregivers are trained with medical knowledge and ems to ensure your loved one's fitness.



Complex care

After a certain age, people get affected by various mental illnesses. This often creates a complex personality. Our live-in carers are trained to handle these the right way.









Features of our services

We do not send any available person to provide you with the service. Instead, we send an expert to read all the conditions that the client is living in. Based on the report, we provide extensive training to suitable caregivers. Finally, he becomes ready to serve you.

Our clients' positive reviews showed us that our hand on experience is sufficient in dealing with people suffering from disorders and making them feel themselves again.





Why choose to have 24-hour care from Helping Hands?

live in carer twickenham

We Understand How You Are Feeling

Our trained caregivers do not blindly follow our set tasks. They try to feel and engage with the client as much as possible.


Live In Care Twickenham

Your Care Centers Around You

We do not overburden your elders with tasks to complete. We try to read and understand what they actually need and provide those.


Elderly Care In Twickenham

To Us, You Are Family

We believe a client can be attracted, but a family can be created. With us, your loved ones will feel the love that they feel from you.



Frequently Asked Question


What else can I get with a carers allowance?

Being a carer has its parks. Apart from the carers allowance, a supporter get support from the local council. He gets a tax reduction on his tax payment. He is paid a universal credit when he does not have a job or does not earn enough. He gets a pension credit when he gets older.

Do live-in caregivers get paid for sleeping?

They do. They will get paid for each hour they are staying in the house of the client. During this time, he may sleep, watch some tv, or do something to cheer himself up. Nonetheless, he will get paid on an hourly basis.

Do you get free dental treatment on your carers allowance?

Yes. A live-in carer gets free NHS dental treatment. Apart from that, you get free prescriptions as well. Additionally, a free NHS eye test is available for you. IF you need a glass or contact lens prescribed by a doctor, this equipment will be free for you.

What are the benefits of live-in care?

Live-in care has its parks with respect to a nursing home. It allows you to stay in your own home and surroundings. You do not have to leave your loving pets for long. You can spend alone time with a caregiver to support all your needs.

Is live-in care better than a care home?

In a care home, you might get people like you as companions and nurses to look after you round the clock. However, with a live-in carer, you can stay in your home as independently as you wish and get the same care as provided in a care home.





So caring and always goes the extra mile. the manager is very experienced and very knowledgeable. She is a very kind and caring person. Good interpersonal skills, competent, and always professional. Always puts clients/ service users first. Good communication skills, always give patient center care. You can be confident that your loved ones will be well looked after, supported, and will receive high standards of care. I recommend Enn Healthcare for all care needs.




It is a pleasure to work with Elaine and her team. Directions and support were clear and makes my work enjoyable. I would recommend her as an employer.




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