Traditional supported living means moving out of your home into a shared home with other with similar needs. However, we have found that combining the concept of support and live-in care we can provide a reduced package to support clients at home and provide the support for what they really need. 

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With close to 40 years working in the care industry, our founder, Elaine Tsopotsa, has served communities from central London all the way up to Orkney, in the north of Scotland. She has experience working for NHS Trusts in a variety of communities and teams, providing elderly care. She also has experience with the NHS as a consultant, setting up new Home Care projects and getting them on their feet.

As she served, Elaine saw the need for more support for an increasingly older population. During her work in the community, she encountered people who were distressed at the thought of not being able to live independently and she found that she wanted to be able to offer them that support. That's why she started Enn Healthcare: an agency providing 24-hour live-in care in Dorset and personalised carers for people in their most personal place – the home.







Our approach is simple: to remember the impact that a well-planned, compassionate service can have on an individual's life. Our role is to ensure that we are able to listen to what our clients want, and to remember that a happy, well-trained, experienced carer makes for a happy, fulfilled client. Happiness and fulfilment are at the heart of what we provide. They say “a man's home is his castle”, so we want to fortify that castle with the best help we can find. We aim, always, to match the most appropriate carer to our clients.

Wherever possible, we'll offer a choice of carers, so you and your elderly relative can select the person you think suits you best. We have a rigorous recruitment process that makes sure the pool you have to choose from is always of the highest quality. Likewise, when it comes to meeting and choosing your loved one's carer, we offer the chance for you to meet potential candidates via video call and we always arrange a personal visit from them to your relative's home to chat, answer questions and alleviate doubts before any decision is made.



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Above all, we want our clients to feel relaxed, secure and happy with the carer they choose. Elderly care is such a vital, and often neglected, part of taking care of our community, so we want to serve that need as best we can. Our beloved elders raised us, clothed us and provided for us when we were growing up. We are who we are because of what they have done for us. Returning the favour when the tables are turned is the absolute least we can do and, with a wealth of experience under our belts, we're proud to provide service of the highest quality.

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 Live in care agency in Dorset and Croydon elderly couple at home


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Our Ethos, Aims & Objectives

  • Provide a safe, warm, inspiring and nurturing environment. 
  • Committed to raising awareness and self-esteem in their younger clients. 
  • Flexible and purposeuful models to supporting young people. 
  • Our staff is trained to be non-judgemental and to provide support and empathy. 
  • Task-focused approaches to behavioural management
  • Aim to build positive curative relationships
  • Child-centred service to reflect individual choice.