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While we provide live-in care, we also recognise that not everyone needs 24-hour services. So we can work around your needs to make sure that you have a meaningful support or care package to suit your needs.

We have expanded our offering to include the following packages

Hospital escort to and from  hospital and recuperation support for at least six hours per visit. Which can be combined with a sleeping night if required.

Support at home for medication support/ personal services/ meal preparation and companionship for a minimum of six hours per day.

24 hour live -in care 

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What's Included In Live-In Care and Supported living ?



Personal care

This involves help with washing, dressing and further grooming such as hair care, shaving and makeup. 




Companionship could involve a visit to the coffee shop with your carer. Sitting in the back garden to enjoy the sunshine when the summer months set in. Or walks in your local area or doing the things you love to do most with a friend to support you.



Household chores

Our carers undertake light household duties such as hoovering, dusting, loading the washing machine, light ironing and meal preparation. 



Going out and about

One of the major benefits of having someone to support you is that you can really live your life because you'll have someone to take you places when and where you want.



Dietary needs

Sometimes ageing comes with dietary needs such as a diabetes diet, nutritious eating plans to combat medical conditions or lack of appetite. Some of our staff members are great cooks too!



Complex care

 we try to think of everything but if you think of something we're not already doing, then please pick up the phone and let us know!





Features of our services





Why choose to have 24-hour care from Enn Healthcare?


We Understand How You Are Feeling


We know how frustrating it must be to lose some of your independence and have to rely on others. That's why we encourage you to do as much as possible for yourself and we support you to continue.

Live in care agency in Dorset and Croydon

Your Care Centres Around You

When we say your care centres around you, we mean it. We really do ask you and assess what you need. That way it's not excessive, and if you're paying for your own care, it's not too expensive. 

Live in care agency in Dorset and Croydon

To Us, You Are Family


We hope you'll see us as an extension of your family. Especially since we're with you throughout the year. That means we'll be celebrating Christmas and Easter with you too!


Frequently Asked Question


What are the benefits of a live-in carer?

Caring for a loved one at home, without assistance, can be challenging and stressful. A live-in carer lifts the anxiety and physical toll that families endure while caring for elderly relatives. With a live-in carer, specially trained help and support are readily available, leaving you to visit when you can and resume a social relationship with your loved ones, as it’s supposed to be. The alternative is a nursing or care home which, frequently, isn’t the preferred option for elderly people. Our service provides a great alternative, giving the elderly companionship and friendship at what can be rather a lonely stage of life.

How does the service work?

A well-trained health professional will visit and make an assessment of yourself and your relative to understand the sort of support you require, including health status, social abilities and home life preferences (such as food and bedtimes). We also assess your physical environment and make recommendations before our staff move in. At this point, you and your loved one will also have the opportunity to raise any concerns you may have with the process. Beyond that, we work with local teams to ensure that the necessary equipment, such as hoists, special seating and rails are installed to make your home safer and to facilitate our role with you. Then, your new live-in carer moves in and goes to work!

How much support can we expect?

Our Live-in carers are adept at managing all areas of domestic life. They help with personal care, light housework, personal errands, shopping, outings, meal preparation, sorting bills and managing the household in general. Put simply; they cover all the areas of home life that your elderly loved one used to handle themselves but, now, find themselves unable to do so.

How can I be sure that I’ll like the carer?

We endeavour to find the best possible match for your loved one. Based on their health needs and preferences, as well as your own, we make sure to source a carer with the right skillset to keep your loved one safe and happy. Wherever possible, we offer the opportunity for you to meet the carer on video chat before the home visit, to get an initial impression.

What happens if the carer goes on holiday, is sick or has to leave?

One element of our service that we’re very proud of is the work-life balance we arrange for our carers, allowing them time to rest and attend to personal affairs, as needed. This isn’t a luxury afforded to most carers in the industry, but we think a happy and fulfilled carer makes for happy and fulfilled elders too! Holidays are booked so as not to interfere with the care schedule of your loved one and, in the event of illness or any other unscheduled absence, we will, wherever possible, advise you in advance, before replacing them with someone equally suitable for the duration of your original carer’s absence.


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