Even though there is now a greater understanding of how to care for older people with COVID-19, the challenges of managing the virus in this population are ongoing. Older people are more susceptible to serious illness from COVID-19 and have higher mortality rates. Additionally, the age-related changes in immunity and increased inflammation make it more difficult to care for older people with COVID-19.

The challenges of managing COVID-19 in older people are ongoing because of the increasing number of cases in this population. The number of older people with COVID-19 is expected to continue to increase in the coming months. This is due to the fact that the number of new infections is rising in the UK.

There are several nutritional interventions that can be used to improve the care and outcomes for older people with COVID-19. Older people with COVID-19 need increased caloric intake to maintain their weight and muscle mass. In addition, they may require more protein and essential fatty acids to support immune function. Older people with COVID-19 also need to be sure to stay hydrated and get adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Older people who receive nutritional support are less likely to experience serious illness from COVID-19. In addition, they are more likely to recover from the virus and have a shorter hospital stay.

Older people with COVID-19 require special care and attention. By understanding their specific nutritional needs, we can provide the best possible care and improve outcomes.

Here are the Take Aways:

Age-related changes in anatomical pulmonary and muscle function, decreased immune function and chronic inflammation put older people at more risk of complications from COVID-19.
COVID-19 is thought to increase the risk of malnutrition in older people.
The risks of COVID-19 can be reduced by timely, optimal nutritional interventions which include improved, purposeful, dietary intake.

Nutritional screening by health professionals and early referral to a dietician can prevent or manage malnutrition.





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