Summary Information:

Location: Dorset

Care Specification: Dementia

Job type: Private (client hire)

Salary: £13.80 Per Hour

Contact Name: Elaine Tsopotsa

Contact Number: 020 3603 5545



About the client:

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The role:

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Key responsibilities to include:

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Location of role:

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We’re always in need of new carers to assist and support the elderly.

24-hour live-in care in Dorset is becoming more and more in-demand all the time. We know that, when you sign up with us, your new career path will be rewarding, fulfilling and allow you to bring joy to the lives of so many elderly people in need of domiciliary care.






  • We value our staff, as well as our clients.
  • We offer generous rates.
  • Secure employment in a growing industry.
  • You are included in the development of our processes.
  • We have local offices to support local carers.


Please fill out our application sheet and submit it via the opposing form.Live in care agency in Dorset and Croydon

Alternatively, please give us a call on 020 3603 5545 or email us to discuss things further.


Apply Today

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